I started using water colors sophomore year in high school. I always liked being the odd one out when it came to school projects so I would tend to switch to watercolor as my project medium when not supposed to. After much time, I learned that these colors would become my medium of choice, rather than just trying to elude myself from the boring (to me) standard. For the past couple years my style and fixture have been jumping around like frogs on lily pads in a pond. I am slowly sinking into a more depressive-subversive style in the watercolor ocean. In the current age, being sad is highly glorified. Being sad is hip. Actually being sad is terror. No one wants to see a movie about a happy man/woman with everything going for them. No one listens to music about a perfect romance. Sadness offers a lesson to many. I’d like to think portraying depression in the most flamboyant way is extremely powerful yet extremely difficult. That is my main mission. My work flow is slowly moving in this rift as I try to incorporate as many lessons as I can.
2013 Bio

BORN IN 1995